We probably all know the game of patience. What not everyone knows is that you can now also play this game in the casino. So you can win real money with this. This is good news for all Patience fanatics who are sure they can beat every game. But also for players who like to take a chance and do not know the game yet. For them we like to explain the casino solitaire rules .

How Do You Play Solitaire at Online Casino?

Patience is played with a deck of cards. A deck consists of 52 playing cards. The object of Solitaire is to stack all the cards in four rows, in the correct order from Ace to King.

The 28 cards are divided into seven rows, as follows: The first row (from left to right) contains one card, the second row contains two cards, the third row contains three cards, and so on, so that the last row contains seven cards. This series is also called the 'tableau'. Flip the top card of each pile so that it is exposed with the picture. The remaining cards together form a pile from which one card is drawn at a time.

Once available, the four Aces must be placed separately above the tableau. The cards of the same suit (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts) may be played on any Ace in ascending order from low (2) to high (King). Once a card has been placed on an Ace, it cannot be removed.

The cards are played on the tableau in descending order and alternating suit. Always play the cards on the table in such a way that every card you have flipped or moved remains partially visible. This way you can see which cards are in which row. When a row in the tableau has been completed, a visible King (or a visible King with other cards below it) may be moved to the empty row in the tableau.

Turn over the cards from the remaining pile one by one and try to place them on one of the rows in the tableau. A card from the stock is playable if it can be placed in a row or in one of the rows of the Ace. If not, place it face down next to the deck and try the next card. The top card on the discard pile is always available to play.

Solitaire is completed when all four ranks from Ace are of the same suit (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts).

Don't Skip Solitaire Game Rules

Obviously, the first step in learning a new game is to read through the rules. Unlike typical casino card games where you face the dealer or other players and have to form your hands and apply strategies and skill to Patience, in Patience you play against the computer and also against the clock.

The game is all about manipulating a layout of cards with the aim of sorting them in a certain way. Only one deck of 52 cards is used and the cards must be sorted into four rows, with each row starting with an ace. Then you need to place the Twos on top of the Aces and move up to the Kings.

But we have already explained this. The reason we're sharing this again is that the rules really matter here because you don't have a dealer to ask questions to. You really have to do it all yourself.

When you play online, the shuffling and laying is done by the software right from the start. You will see four boxes in the top right corner where the Aces should be placed and then other cards stacked on top of them in a way that sorts the cards and clears up the entire deck.

Solitaire Round Outline

So the round starts with the 7 rows already shown. This is, as said, called the "tableau". The four boxes are empty and you need to find the four Aces to start stacking and clearing the deck. You have the 7 rows at your disposal and you can move the first card of each row, while also seeing which cards are next.

The second part of the deck is in the top left corner and you draw one card at a time from that deck. You must place cards of the same suit on top of the Aces – Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts. In the tableau, the cards can be sorted in descending order and alternating types (colors).

The round is over when all four rows have been built up from Aces to Kings and there are no cards left on the table. In online play, the software will often end automatically if you have played your moves well and the following actions clearly lead to the final. If you have no moves left, you lose.

The Best Tip

Sometimes during the game you can completely unlock a column of the tableau. It is advisable to place a card that is as high as possible in this freed column, because then you have more possibilities to sort cards on it later and reduce the chance that you get stuck with no available moves. Your goal is to put order in the cards, keep that in mind at all times and you'll be a good Solitaire player.

Winning With Casino Solitaire

The strategy in this game is based on getting as many cards to the base as possible. Generally, this is tied to turning over as many face up cards as you can. Consequently, flipping face-up tableau cards should be your main focus in the beginning.

But once you're halfway through the draw pile, you need to shift your focus. Instead, it should be about moving cards to the foundations as much as possible. If you follow this two-step strategy, you will have better results on average than before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the patience rules hard to learn?

No, you'll get the hang of the rules in no time.

Do all online casinos offer solitaire?

No, not all of them, but those from our top online casino list are.

Can I try solitaire for free?

Yes, you can usually try the games in demo mode.

Is solitaire also available in the live casino?

No, this is not (yet) the case.

Can I play solitaire on my mobile device?

Yes, the games are adapted for use on all types of devices.

Written by: Jason Vink | hurolinan.com

Jason is an online casino expert. He obtained a BA in Communications in Brussels before starting to work at internet gambling portals in Malta (EU) in 2012. He later joined hurolinan.com and has since started sharing his expertise with our readers. Jason is able to assess and test an online casino on many different functionalities in order to guarantee the enjoyment and safety. If you have questions for Jason, you can always send him an email: jason [at] hurolinan.com.