In this article you will discover key roulette tips that will increase your chances of winning. Or at least ensure that you can play longer with the same money and that is of course what you want as an enthusiastic player. These tips are made for use on all types of roulette; from live to the automated roulette simulator.

The 13 Numbers Trick At Online Roulette

The popular 13 numbers trick is used by the best professional online roulette players in the world. However, this tip is not based on mathematical calculations that are involved in most roulette strategies .

In roulette, the ball can land on any number or color on any turn. It is impossible to calculate the number or color that will be the winner based on the previous result. This rule is the basis of the 13 numbers trick. You must wager the same number of chips for each number you choose. You can win 36 chips if you bet 13 chips.

This tip is based on the principle that the ball has the same chance of landing on any point on the wheel on each round. In fact, in roulette, the ball can land on any number or color regardless of which number or color was the winner the turn before. Therefore, choose 13 numbers that are evenly spaced along the roulette wheel to apply this tip.

Just look at the roulette wheel and not at the table to pick the right numbers. Start from 0 and take a number every 3 numbers. Choose alternately a black and a red number. For example, a sequence could look like this; 0, 15, 21, 17, 27, 11, 23, 24, 1, 31, 18, 28, 35. The 13th digit can be either 3 or 35. We have chosen 35 here. Because it is easier to bet on, it is best to first note the numbers in the correct order. This then becomes the next sequence; 0, 1, 11, 15, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35. You can start with any number other than 0 to make your sequence, but remember the rules for choosing numbers to follow.

You can best apply this tip to French roulette , because this version has the best odds of winning. With American roulette you have less chance of winning due to the double zero, but if you find that exciting you can of course also just choose this. Although the effect of this tip does negate something. The point is that you bet on enough numbers that there is a good chance that you will achieve a profit for most of the rounds.

Roulette Tip To Win Every Round

If you are wondering "Is it possible to win every round at roulette?" The answer is NO, unless of course you were born with an impossible dose of luck on your side. But let's assume this is not the case. It is possible to win some rounds and win a really good amount of money, but there is no safe schedule to guarantee winning every round.

Even if you find a biased roulette you will suffer some losses. Only at the end of the round can you calculate whether you win or not. However, it is important to stop playing roulette in time. You do this by setting a budget before you start playing and sticking to it every round. Keep track of this after each round as well. If you run out of budget, stop playing. With this method you will lose some and gain some, but you will never lose more than you can handle.

Scientific Roulette Tips to Win

There are a number of scientific methods for winning roulette, although you can take them with a grain of salt. Below we explain the 2 most famous.

  • Winning by studying the inclination of the roulette wheel: This method was invented by Joseph Jagger who won over 2 million francs at the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Jagger was a Yorkshire entrepreneur. He noted that the spinning wheel used in the textile industry always had a certain tendency that caused imbalance. In the roulette wheel, an imbalance can cause some numbers to win more often than others. Jagger began testing this hypothesis for a month at roulette at the Casino de Montecarlo. During this period, he played the same roulette table over and over, wagered a very low amount and recorded all the winning numbers. After this period he knew which numbers were winning more often on that roulette table and for several days he started betting big money on just those numbers. During this period he won 2 million francs, the equivalent of 7.5 million pounds in 2018. Jagger's winnings broke the casino 's bank, having won more money than the casino had on hand.
  • Measuring the Speed of Wheel and Ball to Predict Winning Numbers: The Eudaemons were a team of college students who won $10,000 playing roulette at the Santa Cruz Casino in the 1970s. They studied the physical behavior of the wheel and the ball and developed a method to win at roulette. The Eudaemons predicted winnings by measuring the speed of the wheel and ball and developing a mathematical model. Calculating the profit numbers was very complicated and took a lot of time. So they invented the first portable microcomputer. The calculator was placed in a shoe and connected to a hidden micro-camera that measured the speed of the roulette wheel. The winning numbers were passed to a vibrotactile exit casino system hidden under the shirt. In 2004, 3 players won £1 million at the Ritz Casino in London using a similar method. The group used a laser scanner to check the speed of the roulette wheel and a mobile phone to calculate the winning number. The casino staff surprised them using this trick. They were arrested, but they were found innocent. So they could withdraw their winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a roulette tip to always win?

Unfortunately not, otherwise all casinos would have gone bankrupt.

Can I follow all the tips?

If they're not involved in cheating, that's okay.

Are there any roulette tricks to get more bonuses?

No, except you can find a generous casino.

Which tricks are the best?

The best tip is always to play the game with the highest RTP.

Has anyone ever been able to win a lot of money following tips?

Yes, but this also requires a lot of luck.

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