Online casinos Europe are also called EU casinos. You've probably noticed that even though the casino world seems a bit restless, new casinos are still coming onto the market. These are new (EU) Europe online casinos. European casinos do not have a local license, but they do have a license from a European country. This often concerns the Maltese casino license. We are happy to tell you more about the best casino with an EU license here, so read on.

Best Online Casino Europe with License 2023

Casino Review Characteristics Bonus Play now
bitstarz TOP Bitstarz casino 5/5
  • Top deposit methods
  • Nice welcome bonus
  • Unlimited Play!
Get $10,000 or 5BTC + 180 Free Spins Play now
ricky TOP Ricky Casino 5/5
  • Top deposit methods
  • Beautiful VIP package
  • Unlimited Play!
Welcome Bonus €1200 + 120 Free Spins Play now
lucky-dreams TOP Lucky Dreams Casino 5/5
  • Fast deposhit methods
  • Live Casino
  • Unlimited Play!
Up to $4,000 Welcome Offer + 300 Free Spins Play now
casinonic TOP Casinonic Casino 5/5
  • Top deposit methods
  • Best slots bonus
  • Unlimited Play!
GET UP TO AUD 5000 BONUS Play now
spacewin 1. SpaceWin Casino 4.8/5
  • Deposit with VISA or AstroPay
  • Nice welcome bonus
  • Unlimited Play!
600% up to AUD1,000 + 100 Spins Play now
BonusBet 2. BonusBet Casino 5/5
  • Deposit quickly with Mastercard + VISA
  • Super fast payouts
  • Unlimited play
150% up to AUD200 Play now
WizeBets 3. Wizebets Casino 5/5
  • Deposit with VISA & Cryptocurrency
  • Beautiful VIP package
  • Unlimited play
100% up to AUD1,000 + 100 Spins Play now
BetAmigos 4. BetsAmigo 4.9/5
  • Fast with Cryptocurrency/VISA
  • Live Casino/Sports + 1000 Slots
  • Unlimited Play!
150% up to AUD150 Play now
Uni slots 5. Unislots Casino 5/5
  • Deposit with VISA + Mastercard
  • VIP Club + Big Bonus
  • Unlimited play
AUD700 + 200 Spins Play now
May Casino 6. Moi Casino 5/5
  • Features Bitcoin Cash/Mastercard
  • Big bonus pack
  • Unlimited play
200% up to AUD200 + 10% Cashback Play now
PlayBoom 7. PlayBoom Casino 5/5
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal (VISA+ Mastercard)
  • Wonderful bonus package
  • Unlimited play
100% up to AUD500 + 250 Spins Play now
Qbet 8. Qbet Casino 5/5
  • Deposit quickly with VISA or Mastercard
  • Daily Cash Back
  • Unlimited play
AUD100 + 5% Cash Back + 100 Spins Play now
Casiwave 9. Casiwave Casino 4.8/5
  • Deposit with KLARNA & SOFORT
  • Unlimited play
  • 30% Cash Back
800% up to AUD7500 + 800 Spins Play now 10. Justbit Casino 4.7/5
  • Mastercard, nice and fast deposit
  • Also works with Crypto
  • Unlimited play
100% up to AUD300 + 40% Cashback + 30 Spins Play now
Pino Casino 11.Pino Casino 4.8/5
  • Deposit with BRITE + KLARNA
  • Live Casinos
  • Unlimited play
AUD500 Bonus + 20% Cashback + 150 Spins Play now
One Step 12. One Step Casino 5/5
  • VISA (after 1st deposit) + Klarna!
  • Unlimited play
  • Beautiful design on your mobile
150% up to AUD200 + 20 Spins Play now
Time2Spin 13. Time2spin Casino 4.4/5
  • Deposit with KLARNA & SOFORT
  • Big Bonus!
  • Unlimited play
200% up to AUD1000 + 200 Spins Play now
Gxmble 14. Gxmble Casino 4.8/5
  • Deposit with Mastercard, Bitcoin Cash or VISA
  • Unlimited play
  • Super fast payouts
AUD2,500 Play now
Betstro 15. Betstro Casino 4.9/5
  • Deposit with Mastercard or Bitcoin Cash
  • Unlimited play
  • Super fast payouts
100% up to AUD200 Play now
iWin Fortune 16. iWinFortune Casino 4.5/5
  • Deposit quickly with VISA
  • Great welcome pack
  • Unlimited play
300% up to AUD2,000 + 200 Spins Play now
Lucky Wins 17. Lucky Wins Casino 4.6/5
  • Deposit with VISA, Bitcoin Cash
  • Unlimited play
  • Many great promotions
AUD6000 + 200 Spins Play now
Casino Stars 18.Cazino Stars 4.8/5
  • Fast with VISA & Cryptocurrency
  • Big bonus package!
  • Unlimited play
Up to AUD1200 + 150 Spins Play now
Rouge Casino 19. Rouge Casino 4.6/5
  • Deposit with KLARNA & VISA
  • Big Bonus!
  • Unlimited play
400% up to AUD2,000 + 130 Spins Play now
Player's Club 20. Players Club VIP 4.8/5
  • Deposit with VISA, Bitcoin Cash
  • Big bonus with Cashback
  • Unlimited play
222% up to AUD1,000 Play now
FGFox 21.FGFox Casino 4.9/5
  • Deposit quickly with Mastercard + VISA
  • VIP Club + Big Bonus
  • Unlimited play
100% up to AUD1000 + 100 Spins Play now
BrucePokies 22. Bruce Pokies 4.9/5
  • Features Bitcoin Cash/Mastercard
  • Cash back bonus
  • Super fast payouts
Up to AUD2,000 Play now
Bruno Casino 23.Bruno Casino 5/5
  • Quick deposit: Klarna/Mastercard/Sofort
  • Unlimited play
  • Daily cash back
AUD300 + 250 Spins Play now
Western Casino 24.West Casino 4.7/5
  • Quick deposit with Brite, Klarna + Mastercard
  • Unlimited play
  • More than 3000 games
AUD600 + 200 Spins Play now
WallaceBet 25. WallaceBet 4.7/5
  • VISA (after 1st Deposit) + Klarna
  • Fast cashout/deposit options
  • Unlimited play
150% up to AUD150 Play now
Casino Intense 26. Casino Intense 4.5/5
  • Deposit with VISA or KLARNA
  • Nice welcome bonus
  • Beautiful VIP package
AUD888 Bonus Play now
Playzax 27. Playzax Casino 4.8/5
  • Deposit with VISA or Bitcoin Cash
  • Unlimited play
  • Beautiful VIP package
100% up to AUD250 Play now

EU Europa Casino Best Games

In an online casino Europe you will always find the best games. This is because most if not all of the game developers are Maltese licensed. And that of course ensures that they can offer their games in EU casinos. Below we have listed the most popular games from online casinos Europe for you:

EU Casinos With Malta License

As we mentioned, most foreign gambling sites in Europe have an MGA casino license if they do not have a local license. It also happens that a casino has both, but that is not necessary. A Maltese license is highly regarded worldwide. This is because the relevant authority, the MGA, keeps a close eye on licensed EU casinos. It is also not easy for a casino to obtain a Maltese license; because several conditions have to be met.

Online Casino Europe Bonus

Most EU Casinos offer a whole bunch of rewards to both new and existing players. It always applies that the more you play, the more rewards you receive. A few bonuses that you often receive at online casino Europe bonus casinos are; welcome bonus , deposit bonus , free spins , cashback and risk free deposit. Some of these bonuses have different names, but they generally all boil down to the same thing.

EU Casino Free Spins

Something extra can be said about the online casino Europe free spins. These are very popular among players, but have a lot more restrictions than a bonus where you simply receive bonus credit. This is because free spins are only valid on the games offered by the casino. And per EU online casino free spins bonus it only concerns a specific slot machine. In addition, you cannot determine yourself what the bet per round is, because that is also fixed.

Benefits EU Online Casino

EU Casinos offer many advantages to players over unlicensed casinos . This is because, despite being closely monitored, they are bound by far fewer restrictions. Below you will find some of the benefits:

  • You will find a much larger range of games in EU casinos
  • Online casinos Euopa bonus offer many more bonuses
  • More payment options than you'll find in locally licensed casinos ( Mastercard , Klarna , Brite , Trustly , VISA , Neosurf )
  • The general terms and conditions are also often more flexible and that can work to your advantage
  • In some EU casinos you can bypass the KYC check thanks to the pay n play system

Disadvantages Casino Online Europe

This isn't really a major drawback, but could be a deal breaker for some players. Because online casinos in Europe do not have a local license, they do not offer the same protection. If you live in another country and you have a dispute, then in many cases you will have to go to Malta to resolve it, which is of course not VISA. However, we can tell you that a dispute of this nature does not happen very often. This is because the MGA keeps an eye on things and is very serious about this.

Find The Best Online Casino Europe

When the choice is as large as at EU casinos, it becomes difficult to know where you can really play best. This is partly personal, but you should also always remain careful. You do not want to work with an online casino scammer . So read the tips below:

  • Make sure you only play at a casino with a Maltese license. This is how you make sure that the casino in question is safe.
  • See if the range of games appeals to you. Of course you should be able to play the games you like here.
  • If you value receiving casino bonuses, we recommend that you take a good look at the bonus program of the EU casino. This way you learn what to expect.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the casino. They are not all the same, so you will find yourself better in one EU casino than in another.

If you follow these tips, there is a good chance that you will find a casino that is to your taste. The one thing we haven't mentioned yet, and this makes a lot of sense, is that you should also like the design of the website. It makes no sense to play at a casino with a loud mascot if you don't like it at all.

Online Casino Europe | Frequently Asked Questions

Does the best online casino in Europe have a Maltese license?

This is very likely.

Do all European countries have their own local license?

No not yet.

Do all EU casinos offer a welcome bonus?

Most do.

Can I access all EU casinos from my mobile device?

Yes, some have a special app for this and others can be accessed via the mobile browser.

Can I visit EU casinos from any European country?

No, you can find this information on the page of the casinos.