One of the most popular casino games worldwide is craps. You can of course play the casino game in a physical casino, but it is also increasingly common that people choose to play craps online . The game of chance in the casino always works the same, whether it is at a physical or online casino. Find the best craps casinos below.

Online Casino Craps 2023

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online craps

You can read below how the craps rules work . In addition, we will discuss the history of the casino game and tell you more about betting strategies and the possibility to play the game live. You can use this handy introduction to prepare yourself as well as possible before you get started in the Craps casino.

How does Craps game work?

You play Craps online, just like in the land-based casino, with two dice. When you play Craps in the live online casino, a maximum of twenty people can often participate in the game at the same time. However, it is also possible to play Craps via a slot machine and do it alone. In the casino game, players take turns rolling the dice . The one who throws is called the shooter. The game is played in rounds, each time someone else throws a new round starts. Betting at Craps online therefore works per round.

Craps Table

If you've been to land-based casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, the craps table is often the loudest and liveliest table on the floor. So it undeniably offers a lot of fun. The online version is less noisy, but still maintains the frantic pace it's known for. The craps table, covered in green felt, is usually quite large and has a layout with several betting areas. There is no box person or base dealer to refer to in online craps. Instead, you can simply click on any point on the layout to place your bets as you wish.

Basic game rules

The game is played with two dice on a gaming table. The game begins with a shooter throwing the first roll of the dice, known as the "come-out roll". It is important to note that the shooter is not the equivalent of the dealer in Blackjack or the croupier in Roulette. It refers to anyone who rolls the dice, and in craps, all players take turns being the shooter.

There are three possible scenarios for each die roll:

  • If the outcome is a 7 or 11, everyone gets a payout (called a Natural).
  • If the outcome is 2 (snake eyes), 3, or 12, no one gets a payout (Craps). Note that 12 is a push, so while you don't get a payout, you get to keep your bet.
  • If the result is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the number becomes "the point." In this case, the shooter rolls the dice until they land on the point number again, to get a payout. However, if the dice land on a 7, then the shooter is "craps out". Other players get a payout if they bet on a number that is not the point, and the next player becomes the shooter.

Detailed overview of Craps betting

The rules of the game explained above are the basics. As a new player, you will find it easy to place bets once you understand these concepts. There are dozens of bet types available for this casino game and we will explain them in detail below.

Line Bets

These are bets on the outcome of each roll the shooter completes. Players must predict whether they think the dice will land on a natural, craps, or a point.

Pass Line Bet

Pass line bets are probably the most common type. Here you bet that the shooter wins the roll by landing a 7 or 11, in which case everyone wins. The pass line is also successful if the shooter rolls a point and wins before going out. These bets have a house edge of 1.41%, and they pay even money or 1:1. That means a bet of AUD10 will earn you an extra AUD10. At the craps table, the PASS LINE section is on the outermost part of the layout. You must place your chips there at the start of each round for the come-out roll.

Don't Pass Line

This bet is quite intuitive, and judging by its name, it is the opposite of the pass line bet. Betting on "don't pass" means you're counting on the shooter to lose the round. This happens if the dice land on a 2, 3, or 12, or if a seven is rolled before the point number lands again. A successful don't pass bet earns you a payout. The only exception is the 12 number result, which means your bet is a Push. And then you get your money back.

Pass odds

Online casinos always have a house edge on their games, which is reflected in the odds of winning. Craps, however, allows free odd bets that eliminate the house edge. These bets offer payouts in proportion to the actual chances of rolling those numbers. Pass line odds are a combination of the pass bet and one or more odds bets. You bet on the pass as normal, and when a point is established you can back it up with an odds bet. This brings the house edge of the pass bet below 1%. The more odds bets you combine with your pass bet, the lower the house edge. The bet wins if a point is rolled before a seven.

Don't Pass Odds

On the other hand, these bets lose if the point number is rolled first and only pay if a 7 is rolled before the point. Again, you place your original bet and supplement it with an odds bet when the point is rolled. Payouts are 5 : 6 for points 6 or 8, 2 : 3 for points 5 or 9, and 1 : 2 for points 4 or 10. The betting odds are reversed for pass odds.

Come bet

This type of bet works exactly like the pass bets, except that it refers to the bet you make after the number of points has been determined. You get a payout if the dice land on a natural number (7 or 11). Conversely, if the result of the roll is a 2, 3 or 12, you lose, just like the pass line bet. Finally, any other number becomes your come bet point. You can win your come bet point if it is rolled again or lose it if the shooter loses 1 of the pass bets. The casino advantage is the same as the pass line bet – 1.41%.

Don't come bet

This is also placed after the first point is rolled, and works the same as the don't pass bet. After placing the don't come bet, you lose if a 7 or 11 is rolled and you win if a 2, 3 or 12 lands. Any other number becomes the point for the don't come bet, and you lose or win by one point outcome or seven outcome respectively.

Multi Roll Bets

Different craps betting options contain multiple reels. Often these types of bets only win or lose after multiple dice rolls, as the shooter keeps rolling until he loses craps or lands the point again. Multi roll bets at the craps table can be compared to side bets in a game of Roulette.

Place Bets

Instead of betting on come or don't come, players can opt for a place bet after a point has been established. Here you bet on one of the possible point numbers. You can bet on a place win or a place loss. The first pays if the chosen number comes out before a 7, and the second wins if the reverse is the case.

Buy Bets

This side bet also depends on the point number, as you are betting on a specific number that lands before a 7. However, the payouts are higher than the place win bet because buy bets require a 5% commission to be paid to the house. So for a bet of AUD20, AUD1 automatically goes to the pockets of the casino. With this commission you will be paid against true odds of the outcome if your bet is successful.

Lay bets

Lay bets are similar to place lose bets but with higher odds as they also come with a 5% commission. You are betting that the shooter's roll will end in a 7 before landing on a specific number. Depending on the online site you play at, the commission for buy and lay bets may be deducted as soon as you place your bet, or only if the bet is successful. Lay odds are paid out at their true value.

Put Bets

The craps online table is very detailed as different bets have different areas where you can place your chips. It is now common knowledge that the pass line bet is made on the come-out roll (first roll of a round). However, it is also possible to bet the pass line on a roll that is not the come-out. In that case it is called a Put bet.

Your bet wins if the shooter rolls your chosen number before falling out. Compared to the pass line, this type of bet is less advantageous as you lose the 2 : 1 advantage of pass line bets placed before the come-out. Put bets pay out even money.


In the game of craps, a number is rolled the hard way if it appears double. For example, a hard 6 is a double 3, a hard 8, a double 4, etc. This bet is successful if the shooter rolls the chosen number the hard way before the dice land on a seven or any combination of the number.

Big 6 or Big 8

This is a simple bet that the shooter will roll the dice on a 6 or an 8, and even pays out money. But for the bet to succeed, a 6 or an 8 must be rolled before the die falls on a 7. The downside is that you lose if a 7 falls on the come-out roll. With a place bet, for example, not only is the payout higher, but you also keep your bet, even if the come-out is a 7.

Single Roll Bets

In the multi-roll bets we've discussed so far, the shooter can roll the dice multiple times before a win is declared or before he gets a sevens out. In single rolls, however, the outcome is determined on the next roll.

Player bets

Casino craps is already full of different bets, but new additions always increase the excitement by a few more levels. One such element is the Fire bet, which is being introduced to online and live casino sites. You place this bet for another come-out roll, and the goal is for the shooter to make at least 4 different points on the pass line before going out. It's a gamble, but since it pays up to 1,000:1, this gamble is well worth the risk.

Bonus craps is another fun way to enjoy the game. It is played on a regular craps table, but has three additional betting options – All Small, All Tall and Make 'em All. Each with lucrative payout options.

Working and non-working bets

We have found so far that many craps casino bets last more than one roll before the dice make a decision. Such bets that are not yet decided are called working bets. It is also common for place bets, buy bets, hardways and odds bets to be temporarily out of action during a come-out roll, as they only come into play after the point has been determined. In this case, these bets are considered non-working bets.

You can tell the dealer if you want such bets to work or not. Except for the basic pass / come bets, it is also possible to request that your bet be removed before it is settled.

Multiple betting options at your disposal

There is no shortage of betting options when playing craps. Pro bettors certainly know how to take advantage of the range of betting options. While the same cannot be said for new players, there is plenty of fun to be had with the basic pass and come bet types.

Betting strategy for successful online Craps play

It can help to have a good casino strategy if you want to make a profit in the Craps casino. Firstly, it is wise to choose only the best bets at the game. The pass/don't pass and come/don't come options pay 1:1 and there is virtually no house edge with these options. So you can place these bets with confidence. The other betting options may give you a higher profit, but also have a lower chance of winning and therefore more risk.

You can also use a well-known craps strategy . For example, if you are going to play craps online, you can set your bet according to one of these schemes:

  • Martingale system : after every loss you double your bet and after every win you decrease your bet. For example, if you first lose one, two and four euros and then win with an eight dollar bet, you have a total profit of eight euros while your total loss was four + two + one = seven euros.
  • Paroli system: with every win you increase the bet. If you lose, you go back to your starting bet.
  • Fibonacci system: betting according to the Fibonacci sequence, where each number is always the sum of the two previous numbers.

Money management

With this game there is no ready-made pamphlet like the basic blackjack strategy guide or the infamous card counting. But different craps strategies can be applied to help you place smart bets and win more in the long run. But the best strategy, according to our experts, is good bankroll management.

As with any form of real money gambling, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Because craps moves so fast, it's easy to lose track of how much you've bet.

Bankroll management tells you the following:

  • Set aside an amount for your casino gaming pleasure.
  • Set part of that amount for individual bets.
  • Never exceed your bankroll.

With a low budget you will not necessarily hit the jackpot. But with an effective bankroll strategy you can stay in the game long enough to get a few wins.

Expert tips in 2023

  • Practice craps with free games before you start wagering for real money.
  • Use odds bets to lower the house edge.
  • A good craps casino welcome bonus will help boost your bankroll for bigger winning opportunities. Just make sure to check that the wagering requirements of the casino bonus are reasonable.
  • Always keep a bankroll management plan and practice responsible play.
  • If you are a new player, avoid big 6, big 8 and proposition bets in craps.
  • For the best gaming experience, play at licensed and regulated online casinos such as the ones we recommend at Hurolinan.

Live Craps Play

Whether you play Craps in the casino in a nearby city or choose to play Craps online, it will work in much the same way and often the same betting options are available. A particularly fun way to combine both experiences is by playing live online.

In the online live casino you get the experience of a physical casino, without having to leave the house. This is because through webcams and microphones you can see a real dealer lead the game live and even roll the dice for you.

You play Craps online live with real fellow players, with whom you can also keep in touch. The social aspect of Craps comes into its own in this way. You also have the advantage that you can benefit from a welcome bonus and other promotions at the online Craps casino, in order to generate free play money . Finally, they give the option to try the game for free, which gives you the chance to master the rules before betting.


According to the historians, it is not entirely clear where the Craps game comes from. One version of the origin story is that it originated in England in the 11th or 12th century as "Hazard" and was then taken to the United States via the English colonizers, where it evolved in Las Vegas into the successful game we know today. know day.

Another story is that it was invented by the French and Craps became very popular there in the 17th and 18th centuries. They would have taken it to New Orleans. In any case, it is clear that Craps dates from a distant past and the game is still very popular for a reason. After all, not much more than a few dice is needed to play the game and it is easy to add a lot of variation. This keeps the casino game fun for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play craps in the live casino?

Yes, there are a few live casino craps variants available to EU players. The best casino sites approved by will offer the most authentic live dealer craps games to play for real money.

What is the best craps bet?

The best craps bet depends on your player needs. If you are a risk taker you may want to choose bets with bigger payouts, while bets with a lower house edge are suitable for safe players. For newcomers, the safest bets (pass line and don't pass line) are best.

How much does it cost to place craps bets?

When playing craps you can bet from AUD5. Some long-shot bets such as the fire bet allow players to bet from AUD1.

How fast can a player learn the game of craps?

Unless the player wants to go pro, the basic game of craps can be mastered in a few trial rounds. The game is not as easy as a slot machine, but also not as challenging as an online poker hand.

Are online craps games fair?

Yes. When you play at online casinos licensed by reputable gambling commissions such as the MGA or UKGC, you can be sure that the game outcomes are always fair and random.

Written by: Jason Vink |

Jason is an online casino expert. He obtained a BA in Communications in Brussels before starting to work at internet gambling portals in Malta (EU) in 2012. He later joined and has since started sharing his expertise with our readers. Jason is able to assess and test an online casino on many different functionalities to ensure the enjoyment and safety. If you have questions for Jason, you can always send him an email: jason [at]