What are the rules of Bingo and how do you play it? Modern bingo, the game of chance, was invented decades ago and has been loved for generations. More than millions of Europeans play at least twice a week. You might think Bingo is just a retirement pastime – but don't take this too seriously until you try it for yourself! Today, bingo is a fast-paced game that is also a lot of fun – and there are many different types of bingo games to enjoy.

Bingo Rules Explained

Bingo is all about probability. Each bingo online player is dealt a card that consists of a random sequence of 15 numbers between 1 and 90. The numbers are arranged on a card or ticket with 27 squares. 12 spaces have been left empty. The goal is to have numbers that match the numbers being called out. For a win you must fill your card as follows:

  • Four Corners: Any number in the four corners of the card.
  • Line: A horizontal line of five numbers.
  • Two Lines: Two horizontal lines of five numbers.
  • Full House: All numbers listed on the ticket.

Each game has a bingo caller whose role is to select the numbers. The bingo caller calls out the numbers (between 1 and 90) which are randomly selected by a computer, a random number generator or using a mechanical draw machine. Some bingo callers can still draw numbers from a bag, as they would have done when bingo first started. However, this is not the method most professional bingo halls will choose in 2023.

Once a number is selected, the bingo caller “calls” the number, often using a series of traditional bingo calls or modern and fun bingo calls, which regular players become familiar with over time.

Should the player see a drawn number on their card, they “daub” the ticket – or mark the number – using a bingo “dauber”. A bingo dauber is a large felt tip pen with a round head. Some bingo halls have now automated this process. If you play bingo online, there will certainly be an automatic bingo daubing process integrated into the game.

Once you've marked enough numbers to win a prize - the rules for this may vary by hall or game - you may yell “Bingo” as loudly as you can to get the bingo caller's attention. You must call bingo before the next number is called or you miss your chance to win. Although most bingo halls are lenient with this.

Benefits Playing Bingo In Online Casino

There are, as you have already understood, many bingo fans all over the world and they are no longer alone in the old people's box. The game has long since managed to shake off its dusty image and that has only gone faster with the arrival of the online casino . The online casinos that offer bingo have found a whole new target group for the game. And this target group likes to play the game for the following reasons, among others:

  • It is accessible because the stakes are low.
  • You can win a lot of money online with Bingo.
  • You can buy as many tickets online as you want at once.
  • Worrying about missing a number is a thing of the past; everything is automatically checked off.
  • There can be no cheating because everything runs through the computer.
  • You can easily move from one bingo room to another.

Online bingo is in many ways easier than physical bingo and is a great alternative if you are unable to get to the bingo halls. Playing bingo online is easy. Simply find a bingo or slot game you would like to play and choose the number of tickets you would like to purchase. Many games cost as little as 1 cent per ticket, so that a newbie like you has no reason not to go for it right away. The bingo numbers are automatically announced online and your ticket will be automatically defaced by your computer, so you never have to worry about missing a number!

The History Of Bingo

The genesis of the game of bingo can be traced back to a lottery game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia”, which was played in Italy in c.1530. In the eighteenth century, in France, the game was expanded to include playing cards, tokens and reading the numbers aloud. In the nineteenth century, the game was widely used in Germany for educational purposes to teach children spelling and multiplication tables.

The game first appeared in America at a traveling carnival near Atlanta in 1929. It was then called Beano and was played with dried beans, a rubber stamp and cardboard sheets. Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York, watched this game and noticed how engaged the players were and how much they enjoyed the game.

Lowe took the idea to New York where he introduced the game to his friends. He played the game the same way he'd seen it, with dried beans, a rubber number stamp, and cardboard. His friends loved the game. It is said that one of his players made bingo history when they were so excited to have won that they shouted "Bingo" instead of "Beano". The original Lowe Bingo Game had two versions; the first a 12-card set, the second a 24-card set. Bingo was a great success.

After Bingo came on the market, Lowe was approached by a Catholic priest from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania about using Bingo as a means of raising church funds. When bingo started to be played in churches it became more and more popular. In 1934, an estimated 10,000 bingo games were played each week and today more than $90 million is spent on bingo each week in North America alone. Let alone the rest of the world.

How Do You Play Bingo? Frequently Asked Questions

Are bingo rules the same for every game?

No, each provider can set its own rules, although they are largely the same everywhere.

Are the physical bingo rules different from the online rules?

Yes, the game has been adapted for the online game.

Can I buy multiple bingo cards online at the same time?

Yes, you can buy as many as you want as long as tickets are available.

What happens if I miss a drawn number?

This cannot happen online, because all numbers are automatically crossed out.

Does every bingo game have the same number of squares?

No, this can vary per game.

Written by: Jason Vink | hurolinan.com

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